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This annotated bibliography is compiled and customized by the Center for Positive Practices for the Fugazi News website.  Some of the authors featured on this page include Will Cantrell, Rebecca L. Moreton, David Leonard, Richard Peters, Washington ACTION, Francine Modderno, Donald W. Robinson, Fullerton Institute for Teacher Leadership, William D. Schaefer, and Peter deZeeuw.

Cantrell, Will; Modderno, Francine (1992). International Internships and Volunteer Programs. International Options for Students and Professionals. This book provides program descriptions and application procedures for 153 international internships and volunteer programs. Section 1 lists opportunities with 13 national and international government organizations and institutions, such as the Peace Corps and the World Bank. Section 2 lists 28 internships tied directly to a college credit-granting program, with accompanying study involved. Section 3 lists 64 internship opportunities with international or internationally-focused organizations that are not tied to an academic program, such as the American Friends Service Committee, Amnesty International, CARE, and TransAfrica. Section 4 lists 42 volunteer opportunities with private, non-profit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and Jesuit International Volunteers. Section 5 lists 6 miscellaneous opportunities that are not strictly internship or volunteer positions, but that may be of interest to those seeking international experience. Usually provided for each listing are a brief description of the program, a summary of requirements and application procedures, and an address and phone number. Descriptors: College Graduates, College Students, Educational Opportunities, Higher Education

Davis, Ken, Ed. (1985). Teaching English in a Nuclear Age, Kentucky English Bulletin. Various aspects of teaching English in a nuclear age is the focus of the 13 articles in this journal. Titles of the articles are as follows: (1) "The Future? Educating about the Nuclear Arms Race"; (2) "Nuclear Arms in a University English Class"; (3) "Prospectus for a Course on War, Peace, and Apocalypse in Western Thought and Literature"; (4) "Teaching the Unthinkable"; (5) "Hope for a Hopeless Situation"; (6) "Teaching Chaucer in a Nuclear Age"; (7) "Some Observations on Teaching English in a Nuclear Age"; (8) "Resurrecting Relevance in the Composition Classroom"; (9) "Nuclear Weapons in the Composition Classroom"; (10) "Nukespeak"; (11) The American Media and the Nuclear Threat"; (12) "An Annotated Bibliography of Nuclear Fiction"; and (13) "Poetry of the Nuclear Age: A Checklist."   [More]  Descriptors: Curriculum, English Curriculum, English Instruction, Higher Education

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